How Recruiter Enablement can fuel your Employer Brand, feat. Adam Gordon

How Recruiter Enablement can fuel your Employer Brand, feat. Adam Gordon

Chris recently interviewed RecTech pioneer, serial investor, and two-time exit'er Adam Gordon on the Employer Bland podcast! ️

Adam (Co-founder of Poetry HR) took a deep dive into his journey, starting from his school years. His story is powerful, filled with great memories, role models, valuable experiences, and a fair share of struggles and sharp changes in family circumstances. These experiences shaped his solid work ethic and curiosity for business and problem-solving.

Adam shared critical moments from his career path, from starting his recruitment agency career to starting his recruitment agency/consultancy and co-founding, scaling, and exiting his first RecTech start-up, CandidateID.

Adam's thirst for innovation was unquenchable. In early 2023, he introduced Poetry HR, a Recruiter-Enablement platform that has been revolutionising the industry ever since, leaving a lasting impact on recruitment.

Recruiters need the right tools to perform at their best, yet this often doesn't only happen in practice. In this chat, Chris and Adam discussed the critical role of Recruiter Enablement in the Employer Brand process, touching on Recruitment Marketing, Rec Learning, Talent Intelligence, and Rec Ops.

For example, can recruiters deliver an experience that is truly representative of the company, its culture, and the many additional elements that make an employer brand if they are ill-informed, lack content, competitor intelligence, general guardrails, etc.?

The conversation also delved into GenAI and its pivotal role in the recruitment process. Adam underscored the necessity of not shying away from GenAI, but rather embracing it, as it can enhance and harmonise with our distinct working styles, a topic of utmost importance in today's rapidly evolving recruitment landscape.

Tune in to hear Adam's insights on reshaping recruitment and empowering recruiters.


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Candidate.ID, an iCIMS company | 4,230 followers on LinkedIn. Together, iCIMS and Candidate.ID are redefining recruitment marketing. | Together, iCIMS and Candidate.ID are redefining recruitment marketing. Candidate.ID sits on top of in-house talent acquisition teams' ATS or on top of your CRM if you're a staffing agency. The 4 key benefits you will generate from using Candidate.ID are: - Daily hot candidate leads straight into your recruiters' inboxes - Considerable reduction in sourcing time - Optimum, personalised candidate experience - Much enhanced recruitment marketing performance